Community Fridge and Pantry


Welcome to our new community fridge & pantry.

You can find us at St James’ Manston church hall off Church Lane LS15 8JB.

With the cost of living rising dramatically, we aim to provide members with a good selection of affordable prices. Choose 12 items at a set affordable price of £3.50.

Unlike a food bank we are open to all.

We source our food from surplus, and so we provide a simple solution to wasting less through the sharing of good quality food.

People can also donate surplus food or drop in and get some food when they need it.
Food Project Manager (Tel – 07840 033637)

In supporting our Community Fridge and Pantry, you are allowing us to support families who struggle to put food on their table for their children. Your help would be greatly valued by them and us.

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We gather people together for good in our community of Crossgates and East Leeds.
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