Community Hub

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In January 2015, we took possession of a premises in the heart of Crossgates for use as a community hub.  This development allows up to turn some dreams into reality. Having a venue at the heart of the community begins to make all of these much more realistic.

We are in the process of moving into our community hub.

We are in the process of moving into our community hub.

  • Advice/ Information Point
    Advertising community information/events and services including signposting, resources, local initiatives and advice.
  • Shop window
    In addition to community events, the window is an excellent place to publicise church activities and prayer
  • Safe Place
    In conjunction with Cielo Coffee House (Launched December 2014) a safe place where people can talk in private (e.g. Christian listening/ Counselling etc.) A base for the Crossgates Angels project (planned for 2015) where pairs of volunteers are available in the shopping centre available for people who would like to talk… and can go to the hub for further privacy) – A sort of day time Street Angels.
  • Youth work and Drop in
    Local youth leaders have recently agreed to partner with SPACE to set up a newCrossgates based group. This would be an ideal venue due to its centrality, accessibility, neutrality and layout.
  • Social/Health/Economic Courses.
    It offers itself as a neutralvenue for running courses such as debt advice, marriage, parenting and Alpha etc. We are aware that other local agencies such as the children’s centre are short of space and always looking for available properties and would welcome the opportunity to further develop partnership links with them by offering shared events. Other partnerships such as health initiatives are also a possibility.



  • Prayer Space
    An opportunity to create an ecumenical place of prayer where people are comfortable visiting for other purposes.


  • Local Business
    In addition, we would like to consider opening it up for small scale start up community business initiatives…. e.g. kids music groups, local crafts and fair trade products.   To encourage local entrepreneurs.

It is therefore a fantastic opportunity to engage with the community on a number of fronts and raise Connecting Crossgates activities to a new level.

The community hub is designed to be funded by donations for use. But we also welcome any donations people would like to make, either as a one-off contribution, or on a regular basis.  Please contact Karen Gray for more details.


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